We have compiled a list of our favourite places in Erfurt and its local surroundings for you.



Franz-Josef Zumnorde

“A poignant reminder of peace, this is the only church in Erfurt that was destroyed during the war: the Church of the Barefoot Friars of St. Francis.”

Franz-Josef Zumnorde

“The DomStufen Festspiele (an open-air classical music festival) on the steps of Erfurt Cathedral is always a fantastic experience. The steps have served as a stage every year since 1993.”

Monika Zumnorde

“A temptation that’s difficult to resist! Opposite the impressive City Hall you’ll find this sweet treat from Thuringia: melt-in-the-mouth nougat made in nearby Schmalkalden.”

Heinrich Zumnorde

“I never get tired of looking at the cathedral. Erfurt Cathedral (previously St. Mary’s Church) is the city’s oldest and most important church building. Different elements of the building date back to the pre-Romanesque and Gothic periods as well as the modern day. Hanging inside the cathedral is Erfurt’s Gloriosa, the largest free-swinging medieval church bell in the world.”

Thomas Zumnorde

“My favourite place is St. Bartholomew’s Tower right in front of the hotel’s rooftop garden. From here you can enjoy wonderful views of the city. For the ultimate experience, make sure you’re there when a Carillon concert is taking place – however, you should listen from our rooftop garden because it can get very loud inside the tower.”

Cornelia Zumnorde

“Strolling along the Krämer Bridge is like travelling back in time. Here you can experience the charm of the medieval merchant culture at first hand. Real treasures are waiting to be discovered in the various little stores, such as delicious chocolate at Goldhelm Schokolade.”

Beatrix Bergmann, F&B Manager

“Not far from our restaurant is the Old Synagogue. At over 900 years old, it is the oldest synagogue still standing in Europe and the Mikveh, which is around 750 years old, can be found right behind it. The Jewish Treasure of Erfurt (a collection of coins and jewellery assumed to have belonged to Jews who hid them in 1349) is one of Europe’s most extensive and well-preserved hoards dating back to the Middle Ages and is exhibited inside the synagogue.”

Beatrix Bergmann, F&B Manager

“Head to the countryside! Take a detour and visit our friends from the Zahn vineyard in the Saale-Unstrut region. After travelling there and sampling the delicious food at the vineyard, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday in Tuscany.”

Weingut Zahn, Saale-Unstrut:
Weinbergstraße 16, 99518 Großheringen
034466 20356 ·

Andreas Müller, F&B Manager

“Covering 36 hectares, the egapark offers a paradise for horticultural and botanical fans all year round. For example, there is a huge flowerbed covering 6,000 m², an observation tower, an observatory, as well as the biggest children’s playground in Thuringia and the only horticultural museum in Germany.”

Gothaer Str. 38
99094 Erfurt
0361 5643737

Franziska Tschaeche, Event Sale

“This was originally a storage and processing facility for woad where indigo dye for textiles used to be extracted from the woad plant. Today, the storehouse is a theatre offering a varied programme of events. And it is wonderful that the typical 17th century paintings have been preserved.”

Luise Grüner, Hotel Manager

“A visit to the Angermuseum is a must if you’re staying in Erfurt. The museum, which houses art and crafts, not only impresses with its temporary exhibitions, but, above all, its variety. From the Middle Ages to the present day, visitors can find out about Erfurt’s past and also experience its art history.”

Luise Grüner, Hotel Manager

“Visiting the Kunsthalle Erfurt’s temporary art, design and handicrafts exhibitions with presentations of national and international significance always makes an enjoyable change from discovering the city’s historical side.”

Nicole Wagner, Service

Petersberg - the baroque fortress with its small vineyard which shows the traditonal wine region in Erfurt. You should not miss the amazing view from there over the historic centre of Erfurt.